ToDo Nest is a To-Do List & Task List app specialized for Android 5 and higher. Hierarchical management, attaching Tags, move data by drag & drop are available. You can make full use of this app for everyday Idea notebook and Life log.

Relationships between Tasks are available without the limit of the nest depth

Rearrangement of the data is quite easy. Uppermost Tasks are automatically handled as Projects. In addition to Sub-Tasks, you can define preceding and following relationships for Tasks. You can also see all the relationships of each Task in Task detail.

Bottom-up view and top-down view

Both the bottom-up reference view (for Tasks) and the top-down reference view (for Project) are available.


Cross-cutting associations and search-refinements using Tags are available.

Working-time recording

Start and Stop button can be used to record working-times.

Referencing to Completed Tasks

You can reference list of Completed Tasks ordered by completed date.

File management

You can associate Files to Tasks by using this function. Tagging to Files is also available. You can send URL from browsers and news curation apps to this app, and can be used as high-functional bookmarks.

Drag-and-Drop to change the order of the data

Orders of Tasks, Tags and Files can be changed as you like by just Drag & Drop.

Template for Tasks

You can unify the management of repetitive Tasks or non-regular Tasks by using Template. It can also be used as a timer.

New Notification method such as "Visibility" and "Priority", which are available since Android 5, are supported

You can customize which Notification to use, the Lock-Screen Notifications or the Heads-up Notifications.

Alarm tool as good as other dedicated Alarm clock applications

You can select either OS setting volume or customize the volume, fade in, repeat and auto silent time. There is no snooze button, but snooze is available by setting multiple Alarms to one Task.

Easy input on smartphones

In a rotated position, the screen and keyboard are rotated and positioned accordingly, so you can choose your favorite rotation. You can use voice input in every input field. Details about the settings of Notification can be organized in "Notification settings" and are available afterwords.

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