Privacy Policy

Our company respects user's privacy. We do not collect personal information such as tasks, files, user's account name of the device, email addresses, phone numbers, contact preferences. Nor do we send the information over a network.

About the application data

"ToDo Nest" stores data in private internal storage, and other applications cannot access these data without permission. When you want to open the files stored in "ToDo Nest" from other applications, you can open them by sharing the files. You can also use "copy file" in "ToDo Nest" and copy the private files to public external storage when you want to use the files by other applications.

About backup

In order to secure the personal information, "ToDo Nest" uses industry standard encryption AES128(Advanced Encryption Standard) for backup files.

About privacy policy and update

This privacy policy may be changed in the future in order to comply with the change of the law, or according to the application's additional function. When the privacy policy is changed, the information is informed in our website in advance. Our company will, however, always maintain our commitment to respect your privacy.

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